Gateway to restoration

Why is it that, when life could be so simple, it just seems so difficult? Why can’t I get to it, reach it? Why does my mind keep spinning and spinning, leaving me restless? Why can’t I just determine all the things that keep me struggling? Is it because I won’t accept it? Why should I do that for? It just makes no sense at all. Is it because I don’t want to accept or allow all the things that happened to me? Maybe because I’ve been raised this way? Because I think there’s no reason or right for me to be worried, tired, anxious, sad and depressed? It’s unbelievable. Though I chose for intensive therapy to get help, to get rid of it, I still don’t accept and allow my depression, the reason, the source of it! I can only pray the Lord help me accept this.

Yes, it was hard. Yes, it did hurt. Yes, it wasn’t easy. Yes, there is a right for my feelings, sorrow and grief. Whether it’s true or false, I have the right to have and ‘store’ my feelings, they deserve a place. A place to be confirmed, comforted, to be restored and sent back to my Heavenly Father, who has already carried it all. Yes, there is a right for my feelings! The Lord, my Father knows them, even better than myself. He confirms them, comforts them, restores them and gives them a place. He doesn’t reject my feelings. He doesn’t reject my sorrow and problems. He embraces them. For they are a part of me that has to be taken care of, not to be rejected.

Accepting my feelings, grief and sorrow is the gateway to restoration. The first step to a new life.

                            © Tynke Mulder


Ruthie said...

Mooi omschreven! En het is allemaal waar. Zo leren we Gods hart kennen. Door vreugde, maar ook door verdriet en moeilijke dingen.

Tynke Mulder said...

Thanx Ruthie! So true indeed! Heb je hier een bericht van ontvangen op je mail? Ik weet niet hoe dat is gebeurd, was niet de bedoeling, sorry! Is een heel oud bericht! Maar bedankt voor je reactie in ieder geval! :D
P.S. Zag ik het nou goed op de mediaplayer dat je je haar hebt geknipt? Super stoer!! Staat je goed!