How is it possible that we live life believing in so many big lies? We think we need things to comfort us; to keep us warm, to have a cosy and stylish home, new clothes to make us feel good about ourselves, chocolate to raise our spirits.
It’s all a big lie - things cannot comfort us - it’s just material. And even when we are aware of this, we keep believing it and keep buying, trying to comfort ourselves - yes, it gives a short relieve, but certainly not everlasting.

How is it possible that we keep telling ourselves that we are not important, that we are less than another, “who am I?” when we are created to be, to be who we are. God has created who we are long before we even were born - and God makes no mistakes.
God didn’t create us to not appreciate ourselves, to think less of ourselves, curse ourselves or eachother and bring ourselves down. God created men to be a reflection of Himself. God has prophecised over us that we are His children, made in His image!

We all are created with a space inside our souls that cries for God - and that only can be filled with His unfailing love.
How can it be that we are so far away from what we are supposed to be? So far from what our Maker has designed us to be?
It’s the deception of these days. Deception of the enemy, trying to keep us away from God.
But I know, that these lies, those negative and destroying words spoken by humans to me, do not belong to me. I am a child of God, reborn in God, with a new inheretance. God loves me, I am valuable, beautiful and the beloved of God, because He says so!

Where God’s Light shines, the truth becomes visible. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. I hold on to that. Father, help us to live that way too and forgive us when we don’t, when we are being deceived. I declare that I am dependent from You and existing only because of Your grace. I worship You and surrender myself to You, and I resist the enemy! Bless me, oh Lord. I pray that You come quickly to save this world from destroying itself.

© Tynke Mulder